Young Volunteer's Organization

Testimonials !!

"By sheer serendipity, I got to meet with Payal, Maulik and Siddharth of YVO during my last visit to India. They have done an awesome service by offering opportunities to their young members to do their bit in giving back to the society. I am humbled by my association with YVO - where young, qualified, enthusiastic, visionary, and compassionate team of volunteers give their time and energy to identify the needs of the society and make sure it is executed in the way it was envisioned. I wish the YVO team all success in service." Anand Karia

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"It has been a great please being associated with these highly motivated young persons who are determined to do their best by supporting worthwhile causes. They have fully imbibed the lesson that “AN OUNCE OF ACTION IS WORTH MORE THAN A TON OF TALKS”. " Ramesh Kacholia