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Young Volunteer's Organization (YVO), has been spearheaded by a group of professionals eager to contribute and make a difference to the society. Given that most young professionals today face a dearth of time and lack the resources to research noteworthy causes, YVO acts as a bridge between them and the NGOs.

YVO's objective is to make a difference to the society by collecting a significant corpus of small donations (Rs 300) on a monthly basis in a manner that is time efficient and effortless.

It promises to be a platform that allows you to support noteworthy causes that have been thoroughly scrutinized for transparency and credibility without any administrative fee cuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions for donating to YVO.
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With 4 teams inclusive of an Administrative Team, Technology Team, Marketing Team and an NGO Selection Team and 30 plus volunteers, YVO promises to be a fantastic platform to contribute your time and skills. Click here to know more

Kindly Note-

1) By entering your card details you are authorising YVO to deduct INR 306 per month

2) A one time charge of INR 2.04 will be charged as an authorisation amount.

3) To stop the monthly donation – please send us an email on

4) After you have made the donation you will receive an email from YVO acknowledging the receipt of donation.

5) At this point, we regret our inability to issue a tax deduction certificate

6) We do not accept any donations in cash or kind. To maintain transparency, our bank statements are uploaded on the website.