Young Volunteer's Organization

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What is YVO?

Young Volunteer's Organization (YVO) is a platform which facilitates a donation Rs. 506 every month to support causes that have been thoroughly scrutinized for transparency and credibility.

What is the fundamental principle of YVO?

Every contribution makes a significant difference for our causes. A small amount goes a long way as when taken together, it is these seemingly small contributions that collectively add up to a large amount needed to effect a cause. There are people all over the world who want do something and give to the society in a way that can change lives but few find the time and right opportunity to do so. With YVO we try to bridge this gap for individuals like you. It is this COLLECTIVE ACTION which has an impact to bring about change and makes no task impossible. Every individual's contribution is important. This is the fundamental principle on which YVO functions.
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Can I donate more than Rs 506?

Yes. We accept any amount above Rs 506 as long as it is a monthly recurring donation.

Does YVO charge donors any administrative fees?

No. YVO is a zero admin cost organization. The group of volunteers running the organization bear the costs. Out of the total donation of Rs. 506, Rs 500 in its totality will be transferred to the identified cause and Rs. 6 goes towards payment gateway charges.

How to get involved beyond the monthly contribution?

At YVO we are always looking for volunteers who help us support our causes and widen our footprint. We expect interested volunteers to spare only 4 hours a month for YVO. Please reach out to us and we will definitely use your help on the various operational aspects. Email us at to reach out to us and we shall get back to you for volunteering opportunities.

Can I stop my contribution at any time?

Yes. Whenever you wish to discontinue your contribution , please write to us at Deductions from your account will be stopped from next month onwards. Alternatively you can also instruct your bank to discontinue payments.

Does YVO maintain financial transparency?

Transparency is maintained by way of uploading bank statements, receipts and diligence reports on the YVO website.

How does YVO select the right NGO and right cause?

At YVO we have a NGO committee which works relentlessly in identifying NGO's and causes that meet our criteria of a 'Life Changing Sustainable Cause'. We have a strict due diligence process with the help of which we evaluate each NGO and its cause. We follow our donations with follow ups and audits to ensure and verify its implementation.

How many causes does YVO support in a year?

Currently, we support and finance one cause a month which leads to 12 causes a year.

Where can I find the details of causes supported by YVO?

To see the donations made by YVO and its impact please click here

How can a donor trust that the donation was used well?

At YVO we do full scrutiny of all causes and NGO's we support. For most of our causes we do site visits before and after financial support has been provided. For causes in remote locations, which might be difficult for us to reach, we scrutinize the cause with even more vigour and ensure that we have collected requisite proof to ensure that the donation reaches its beneficiaries in a right way.

How do I know for which cause my contribution was used?

Donor receives a monthly email and a whatsapp highlighting all the critical details of the cause taken up for the current month. Details of all donations done so far are uploaded on the website as well

How do I get more information about YVO

You can write in to us on or call us on +917045491925

Who is at the helm of affairs at YVO?

YVO is run by a group of young, like minded professionals whose only aspiration for being attached with YVO is to provide free, voluntary service to support life changing causes and ensure that your contribution is well spent, month after month.

How to inform YVO about a NGO and cause that needs money?

You can write in to us on or call us on +917045491925

Can someone visit me and explain YVO in more detail?

Yes we would be happy to meet and explain and answer your queries face to face. You can write in to us on or call us on +917045491925

How does YVO manage the operation costs?

YVO runs with out of pocket expenses contributed voluntarily by the working committee. At no pint, the donated amount will be used for YVO expenses