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Throw some starfish back into the ocean - Maulik Unadkat


This week, my friend Dwiti introduced me to this beautiful Loren Eiseley story:

Every morning a young man would go to the shore, pick up starfish that were thrown out by the ocean, and throw them back into the ocean.

A passerby witnessed this for many days and finally
Continue Readingone day asked out of curiosity, "Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?"

To this, the young man replied, "The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them in, they'll die because of the sun's heat."

Upon hearing this, the passerby commented, "But, young man, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish all along every mile? You can't possibly make a difference!"

At this, the young man bent down, picked up yet another starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water, he said, "It made a difference for that one."

There is no happier happiness in this world than being able to make a difference in someone else's life. The starfish that you threw back into the ocean will bless you for the rest of its life. Because of you one life lived longer, lived better.

Each one of us have our circle of love, a few twenty thirty or forty people amongst friends and family, whose happiness makes us happy, whose sorrows make us feel low, people around whom our whole life revolves. First of all, identify all such people who form your circle of love.

Every single day, make someone in your circle of love happy. If possible, make sure everyone in your circle of love is happy every day. Starfishes represent the struggles faced by people in our circle of love. Each time you spot a starfish in their life, throw it back into the ocean for them.

Every single day, every one of us is facing the heat of the sun in some way or the other. We all have our own tides. Life is nothing but miles and miles of starfish along a beautiful shore. We can either get too busy, enjoying the beauty of the shore and not notice the starfish at all. We will be busy with our own lives and never understand their pain and end up with excuses of having no time for our loved ones when they need us the most. Or we could do our bit and throw at least some starfish back into the ocean for them and add some more happiness in our circle of love.

If each one of us is sensitive to each others problems and genuinely care and love each other in times of need, problems won't seem like problems at all. It is not as difficult to fight a disease, when you have all your loved ones around your bed. Having them around doesn't cure your illness but it transforms those difficult moments into beautiful memories. Problems when faced hand in hand with our loved ones become memories.

Another acquaintance, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, said these wonderful words in a casual meet this week, "If you remove memories from life, life becomes so lifeless. All we remember about life lived so far, is memories."

Identify your circle of love. Throw some starfish back into the ocean for each other and create happy memories.

Remember you cannot save all starfishes, but the one that you can manage to throw back into the ocean; you will make all the difference to that one.

YVOlution Karma on Sale Rs.300 only - Maulik Unadkat

Young Volunteers Organisation

With only Rs.300, can you donate 4 embroidery machines? Can 4 embroidery machines change the lives of hundreds of less blessed women forever?

With only Rs.300, can you donate 3 computers? Can 3 computers change the lives of hundreds
Continue Readingof less blessed children forever?

With only Rs.300, can you setup a training centre? Can a 50-day training program change the lives of hundreds of less blessed youth forever?

We call it YVOlution - Karma on Sale - Rs.300 only

Karma Sale No. 1 - If you manage to bring about a positive change to the life of even one abandoned woman or one slum dwelling woman or one sex worker and get them out of their unfortunate situation, they will bless you and remember you in all their prayers. With only Rs.300, we have taken an initiative that will empower hundreds of such women with a new means of living. Imagine receiving blessings of hundreds of women credited to your Karmic account for Rs.300 only.

Small Act No.1 - Feb 2015 - Rs.300 donated by 161 enthusiastic donors = Rs.48300.

Big Impact No. 1 - With these Rs. 300 multiplied by 161, YVO donated 4 embroidery machines in slums in Ahmednagar. With only Rs. 300, can you imagine that you can change the life of hundreds of abandoned, slum dwelling and prostitute women in Ahmednagar forever. How? These embroidery machines are installed in slums of Ahmednagar where free training to learn the skill of embroidery will be imparted and these women will learn a new way of living, become independent and raise their standard of living by standing up on their own feet.

Karma Sale No. 2 - Being born differently-abled is the most unfair happening to a human being. If you can add even a pinch of normalcy in the life of a differently-abled child, you will be showered with blessings. Imagine receiving blessings of hundreds of differently-abled children credited to your Karmic account for Rs.300 only.

Small Act No.2 - March 2015 - Rs. 300 donated by 200 enthusiastic donors = Rs.60000.

Big Impact No. 2 - With these Rs. 300 multiplied by 200, YVO donated 3 computers to setup an IT centre in an inclusive school in Bavla, Ahmedabad. Inclusive school is a beautiful concept where 25% of the children here are differently-abled, while 75% of them are normal. Normal children learn to take care of and accept differently-abled children in their lives and differently-abled children learn to live in a normal environment. YVO took an initiative to setup an IT centre for these differently-abled children, so that they can move at the same pace at which the world today is heading and make education more interactive, fun and easy to learn even with their unfortunate disabilities.

Karma Sale No. 3 - If you can help get a job to a below poverty line unemployed tribal youth of Assam, will you not completely change his life forever. Would he not feel indebted to you for putting his miserable life back on track? Imagine receiving blessings of hundreds of youth every year, when they receive their first salary, credited to your Karmic account for Rs.300 only.

Small Act No.3 - April 2015 - Rs.300 donated by 275 enthusiastic donors = Rs.82500.

Big Impact No. 3 - With these Rs.300 multiplied by 275, YVO donated equipments to setup a projector equipped theory lab and a complete hands-on practical lab for conducting a FREE Bed Side Attendant Training Course for below poverty line unemployed tribal youth in Assam. In 50 days, this course will equip these youth with skill sets required to be employed as Bed-side Attendants, whose job is attending to any person confined to the bed, due to illness, age or any other reason, assisting them in their daily chores and assisting the nurses in simple medical procedures. Most of these youth being deprived of formal education will also be taught Basic English, Basic Computer, Values and Work Attitudes. These 50 days will changes their lives forever and at Young Volunteers Organization, we feel excited to be part of an initiative that will help hundreds of tribal youth receive their first pay check.

At YVO we have changed lives of hundreds of women, children and youth forever by just donating Rs. 300 every month.

Be a part of this YVOlution. Karma is truly on sale.

My life journey: Work in progress - Shivangi Mehta


From an early age, we are taught that it's bad to make mistakes and that they need to be avoided by all means otherwise there are unpleasant consequences. The truth however is that failure and making mistakes is a necessary part of success and it cannot be avoided. I have learned that the hard way

Mostly people prefer to "play it safe" but being me, I decided to jump right in my first
Continue Readingventure without any prior experience in that field. We started working on our venture by purely being passionate about it. Curiosity was our teacher, which helped us understand the steps to start our venture. All we use to do was keep asking lots of questions, researching and implement whatever we had researched just to fathom what it would lead to. Slowly and gradually we started running full fledge business

Driven with extreme passion we had no idea how our journey in entrepreneur world would pan out. But we were absolutely obsessed with our idea and all we could think was how to make this work

We started with very low finances and worked extremely hard, tried all possible permutation and combination to make our venture work, few ideas worked and a few didn"t, every failure was a new learning and next time we tried harder with a different strategy.

There came a time that we actually thought maybe our venture will work out because we were proving ourselves, more work lead us to more operational challenges, which we somehow managed initially. But like most failed star-up there comes a roadblock from which one can"t recover. As a team, we all tried our best it felt like we"re literally pushing against the tides every day. Handling failure for me was not easy, it was not only about financial ruin, but I was utterly embarrassed and frustrated

It was the scariest time in my life; imagine your entire identity you worked towards has shattered. My mourning period was the longest and most excruciating; but my life changed when I accepted it and decided to move on. Sounds like a bad break up, I guess it was for me, I loved and was obsessed with my work.

It took me some time to realize that my life is not limited to one failed startup; my dreams and aspirations are much bigger and greater to get bogged down so easily. And YVO has been instrumental to help me realize I was fortunate enough to have a support system, for many their startups is do or die

Just as I was trying to recover and collect my pieces, I had given myself some time off to travel, spent time with family and friends. During that time, one of the evening with friends, we started discussing issues related to India and various NGO"s that was the starting point of Young Volunteers Organization YVO, none of us anticipated than that a casual discussion would lead to something so extraordinary. Started with 6 people to have crossed the benchmark of 300 volunteers, who supports various causes by mere monthly donation of Rs.300 on a recurring basis. Isn"t this amazing! I am not here to talk about what have we done to help others grow, but to talk about how helping others helped me figure out my own life and helped me see the world from a broader perspective

For once in my life I stopped worrying about me and my problems instead started focusing on how I can help to improve someone else life. YVO offered me the tools and platform to work with communities and individuals to help implement change. As one of the active member I got an opportunity to offer my insight, support and advocacy to build the frameworks for change. It has allowed me to delve deeper and help develop a deeper practice of self-reflection, which helped me realize my life goals and helped me move on from my failures. Social work has brought this awareness into how I live my life and decision I make. It has changed me as a person I have become more active, engaged, and compassionate. YVO has offered a lens with which I see things from a holistic perspective

Thanks to YVO I have truly understood how small acts can lead to a big impact. Being part of YVO has completely altered my definition of success and I have realized that one"s success should not be measured only in monetary terms, but also by one"s virtues. That could be by bringing positive difference or value addition in the lives of any of your loved ones, organisation, customer, nation, environment, and animals. If you have managed to do that, you are a successful human being

The Capitalist Humanitarian - Sneh Jain

I am not an active do-gooder. I am not a NGO activist. I am not a jhola-carrying save-the-world guy. I am a Capitalist Humanitarian!

I am young, driven and exceedingly ambitious. I am an entrepreneur
Continue Reading trying to build a business. I don't have time to do good for society. I am too busy trying to do good for myself.

True. True. True. However, it is also true that no ambition can take away the pure unadulterated happiness one feels when we do good for someone more needy. My best memories of my childhood birthdays are when my mom would take me to a boys shelter near home to distribute chocolates, toys, blankets. It made me feel an emotion deep inside which still gives me goosebumps.

Does this want me to renounce this capitalist world and save mankind? No. Rest assured, I still want my name established in the corporate world, I still want to own a Ferrari, I still want to travel the world, but I also want to give back.

This is why I am a Capitalist Humanitarian. A Capitalist first and then a Humanitarian. Dictionary meanings:

Capitalist - a person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for personal profit
Humanitarian - a person who seeks to promote human welfare
Contradictory? Not really...

Many would think this is not right - how can I be thinking of myself and society at the same time? My question to them is that do all of us need to be ascetic and lead a simple life to do good. Bill Gates has the opportunity to be one of the world's foremost donors today due to his wealth and position in society. What came first in his life - his wealth or his donations?

I do not want to wait till I'm old, successful and wealthy before I decide to give back. In this age of capitalism sometimes bordering on greed, I would like to feel the same unadulterated happiness I felt as a child as I turn 30. Why should my current busy schedule limit my ability to give back? Yes, I do not have unlimited funds or time to contribute a lot. However, can I join hands with other ambitious youth to do our bit?

Hence, I am part of Young Volunteer's Organization (YVO), a group of young professionals eager to contribute and make a difference to the society on all of our behalf. Using an unique crowd-funded approach, every month Rs. 300 gets automatically debited from each member's account. Nothing more, nothing less. With our member database increasing exponentially, this enables YVO to make a sizable donation of a few lacs every month without any admin charges to a NGO doing exemplary work that has been thoroughly scrutinized for credibility. To ensure transparency, the entire bank statements and details of donation are updated on the website every month.

I am lucky to be part of the minority who has the support and means to try to fulfill my ambitions. However, by spending an insignificant amount of time and money every month, I am able to give back in my own small way. And with the help of a passionate team of like-minded people, create a happy change in someone's life.

Every month when I receive the donor email, I feel the same goosebumps I felt as a child going to the boys shelter.

I do it because I owe. If you feel like you owe too, write to us on

When I realised Y V Owe!

It was a beautiful sunny morning after the rainy night and I was indulged in my favorite flavor of tea..Ginger and Lime. Looking around my beautiful house I felt so obliged and have a kitchen with enough varieties of food available, a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, a lovely little angel who is going to the best school of the town, an adoring husband and an amazingly supporting family.

Do I really need anything else?? I think NO.. Though my husband claims that I need a new hairstyle
Continue Readingas this one is very old and boring J .. but that's it??? Yes.. that's it. I closed my eyes to thank God to bless me with such a wonderful life..I sighed!

I opened my eyes, infact my eyes actually got opened witnessing that sight from my balcony.. on the other side of road, two barefoot and half naked kids were fighting over a piece of bread.. I could see the frustration on the mother's face who was trying to settle them up but fruitlessly. The father was ignoring it as he was busy in a more important work.. He was trying to rearrange his JHUGGI, which got almost destroyed; yes.. I then realized how awful that rainy night would have been for them.

My daughter who was of same age of those children, had gone to her school after having her favorite breakfast and here what not they were struggling for.. a roof, a meal, education, health and hygiene.

Something broke inside and I suddenly felt deficient infact guilt. Could think and visualize of thousands of other people who were in same miserable circumstances.. suffering from poverty, starvation, poor health conditions, disabilities, forcefully imposed customs and traditions, illiteracy, unhygienic lifestyles etc. They were in such situations only because they were not as fortunate as we are.

They struggle to gather food for their kids when we probably throw pizzas in our dustbins. They hardly get clean water to drink and we spend like crazy in flavored coffees. They die because they can't afford the cure and we visit expensive hospitals even at the event of a normal fever and cold. This was disturbing.. really very disturbing L.

That day I met with a newself of mine, who wanted to contribute something to make at least a few lives little less miserable and little less unfortunate. I knew there were many Non Profit Organizations available I could volunteer for and infact I met a few also but somehow could not convince myself to be a part of them because of lack of transparency and some times lack of aggression in the team.

My lookout for an NGO was on however I started doing a bit in my own ways I could. It made me feel the pleasure of donating time or money to a worthy cause that makes a positive difference in the world.

Though discovery of my newself was amazing but it wasn't complete. And one day during the regular official activities, though a very good friend I came across to this wonderful organization "YVO".. the Young Volunteers Organization. I was really amazed seeing the passion in the team to jointly change the society with their unique, transparent and cooperative concept. I dint take a minute to join this dynamic team of young volunteers who were on a mission to bring a change.

YVO is formed on a concept of "small drops of water create an ocean"

It's an awesome platform where everyone contributes a tiny amount of just Rs. 300 a month, which collectively gets translated into a few lacs every month. The 100% of the collected fund gets transparently donated towards life changing causes like literacy, women empowerment, hospitals, orphanages and NGOs. But the selection of a cause or an NGO undergoes a very tedious process of auditing to ensure the proper use of the funds. And to ensure the same to the donors the entire bank statements and details of donation are updated on the website every month.

Its really awesome to see that with such a small act of giving 300 Rs a month, we can bring a very big impact. Infact I found it to be the most inexpensive way to make a difference.

I have realized that supporting others is a part of the human experience and one of the things that makes human beings, actually a human.

I have discovered my newself.. Have you? I have joined YVO.. When will you?

Say hello to your newself and join YVO because we really owe. Write to us on or call on +91 7045491925

Happy Womens Day

YVO's BIG IMPACT NO. 1 - SNEHALAYA - Maulik Unadkat

With Rs. 40, you can either buy an apple or you can buy a lot of apple seeds and plant them to make a garden full of fruit bearing trees. At YVO, we have decided to plant seeds instead of buying fruits.

With Rs. 300, you can either buy a meal for a few women in need, or you can change the lives of hundreds of women forever.
Continue ReadingUnreal? How can you change the lives of hundreds of women forever with Rs. 300 only? Read on.

What exactly is YVO?

YVO is Young Volunteer's Organization, a group of young enthusiastic professionals who have volunteered to dedicate a small amount of their time every month to channelize a small amount from everyone, i.e. Rs. 300 only and make sure every penny reaches the right hands in the right way and makes a big difference.


With international womans day just round the corner, we chose women empowerment as our big impact no. 1. YVO was humbled to have around 160 giving hands in its very first month, each of whom trusted us to make sure their three hundred rupees reaches the right hands in the right way. So what did we do with the close to Rs. 50000 that we received? We could have bought a hygienic meal for hundreds of women with this kind of money and solved the biggest problem they face each morning, 'will I get something to eat today or will I go to bed starving?'

But we could have solved their problem for only that one day. What next? And that is exactly why at YVO, we have decided to plant seeds and not buy fruits. We decided not to buy them a meal; we decided to teach them how to earn that meal for themselves, day after day for life. We decided to go to the root cause of the problem and solve it right there. We decided to empower these women with new means of living with the help of Snehalaya.

Snehalaya is a new home for the abandoned women and children of society in Ahmednagar. Snehalaya does excellent work at grass root level. They have activity centers called Bal Bhavan across various Ahemadnagar slums. These centers are run by rehabilitated sex workers and Snehalaya volunteers, who impart vocational skills to underprivileged women and children. YVO decided to channelize the donation received for the month of February 2015 towards equipping these centers and the in-house vocational training center of Snehalaya with 4 embroidery machines. This will have a two-fold impact:
  1. Most of the problems such as women exploitation, child labor, drug addictions, prostitution, robbery, etc. have their seed in poverty. These embroidery and stitching skill sets will equip the slum dwellers with a new means of making a living and solve the root cause of all their problems, POVERTY.
  2. The sale of the products manufactured with the help of these embroidery machines will act as a new source of revenue for Snehalaya and help them support more and more underprivileged women and children.

With your Rs. 300, YVO has planted a seed at Snehalaya, which will grow into a garden of fruit bearing trees soon. With your Rs. 300 we have initiated an act that will empower hundreds of women and children to earn at least Rs. 300 a day on their own for the rest of their life and stand on their own feet. We promise to make a difference in their lives.

YVO is a two way promise. Donors promise YVO to contribute Rs. 300 every month which will eventually translate into a collective fund of lacs of rupees. YVO promises it's donors that every penny will reach the right hands in the right way.

YVO will very selectively and transparently donate these funds to an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) or a Charitable Trust in India that promises to work towards life changing sustainable humanitarian causes like poverty, woman rights and woman empowerment, child abuse, health, social welfare, right to education, human rights and overall social development. Bank statements and all details of where and how the donation money was spent will be uploaded on the website,

Life is a privilege, not a right. This life and everything that you have in life is gifted to us by someone else directly or indirectly. Whatever you are today, you owe gratitude to a lot of factors. The more gratitude you feel towards life and all the gifts of life, the more you will realize that it is your responsibility to return the favor. The "Art of Living" is hidden in the "Art of Giving". YVO has a vision to raise the standard of giving in India. We are all born equal yet unequal and YVO promises to drive this social change of getting that equality back.

Be grateful for what you have. Live to Give. Every time you make someone's life a little better, your life will get a lot better.

We want to make this world a better place. WHY? Because WE OWE! Join YVO.

On International Womans Day 2015, YVO dedicates its Big Impact No. 1 of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT to all women.
Happy Womans Day.

YVO - WHY? ... Because WE OWE! - Maulik Unadkat

We are all born equal - True or False?

We are all born equal but to unequal circumstances and upbringing. I canassure you, if you are reading this blog right now, the odds are in favor that you are born to very very fortunate circumstances and upbringing.

Did life give you a menu card to select which parents you want to be born to, with their
Continue Readingcultural description on the left hand column and their financial statements on the right hand column, to assist you to make a fortunate decision? NO, it was destined.

We have not earned our good circumstances and upbringing; they are a gift life blessed us with. If there is any tiny spark of gratitude that this understanding triggers, ignite a fire within you right away that WE OWE something to those around us with lesser fortunate circumstances and upbringing.

We are all born equal - FALSE. That is WHY WE OWE a part of our fortune to the not so fortunate, a part of our good luck to the not so lucky, a part of our blessings to the not so blessed.

An innocent little girl has been brain washed to believe that prostitution is the only easy means of earning a meal and we keep blaming her that she made such an unethical choice of making a living. But read again, she was BRAIN WASHED. Yes her ability to make a wise choice was paralyzed by her upbringing. She needs sympathy and guidance, not our criticism and down treatment, she already has enough of that in her life.

Have we ever given a thought to what wrong does a new born baby do to deserve being born mentally or physically challenged. Again, I can assure you, if you are reading this blog, you are definitely not mentally challenged. How many of us, mentally stable people, have visited or helped in a mentally retarded home till date?

There is a terminology we use, 'self made millionaires'. Does it mean that these self made people funded their own schooling? Each and every one of us could afford education because our parents funded it. There are still millions in India, who cannot afford an education they deserve. If we have decided to not fund the education of even a single less fortunate child in our life, we have decided to let illiteracy survive in India. Most of the socio-economic problems in India like corruption, population, sanitation, cleanliness, etc. have their roots in illiteracy and will only get eradicated, once literacy is made a birth right.

We witness beggars every day, living a miserable life. We refrain to uplift beggars and have been influenced to believe and accept begging as a big scam. Yes it surely may be a big scam, but in spite of the scam, they neither have a roof above their head nor a hygienic meal on their plate. The result of our excuse is that poverty in India will never be eradicated. If we have decided to not uplift the poor people in our locality, we have decided to let poverty exist in India.

If you have witnessed one terminal disease like cancer in your family, you will understand how the financial burden further burdens the emotional burden of the family. Hospital expenses wash away lifetime of savings and give birth to irreversible debts which can ensure that the rest of the family spends the rest of their lives just trying to pay back these loans. We all have our own mid-life crisis and struggles too and I do not expect us to become saviors of the world, but we can do our small bit and make some small difference in their lives.

There are only 2 ways you can react to these socio-economic issues that we face as a society today.

Easier way out is just say, "Is desh ka kuch nai hone wala" and become a part of the problem. Keep criticizing and finding faults with those who are taking efforts to fight these issues and continue being indifferent.

The difficult way is to get fed up and volunteer to spend time, money and energy to make a difference to as many lives as we can. If life has gifted you such a fortunate life, why not leave the world a little better it than it was before you walked on this planet. LEAVE SOME EVIDENCE BEHIND, THAT YOUR LIFE MADE SOME LIVES BETTER.

I have started doing my bit by joining this initiative called YVO, Young Volunteer's Organization. The concept is awesome, everyone contributes a very very small amount of just Rs. 306 per MONTH, every month and the collective fund, which will translate into a few lacs every month, will be very selectively and transparently donated towards life changing causes like education of the poor, upliftment of women, health of disabled people, etc. The group is formed and will be run by youngsters like us and aim for super transparency. Bank statements and all details of where the donation money was spent will be uploaded on the website,

It is the most inexpensive way to make a difference.There are many ways to make a difference, do something, do anything. In case you wish to use YVO (Young Volunteer's Organization) as your small act to make a big impact, text me on +919820065632.

Every time you make someone's life a little better, your life will get a lot better.

Stop being so indifferent. Make a difference. WHY? Because WE OWE!